The Charles Taylor Engineering Technical Services team is a highly experienced group of architects, engineers, construction managers, and support staff who provide specialized knowledge and dedicated service to those in the construction industry.


We offer expert services in construction defect litigation cases (for both plaintiff and defense) including architectural, structural, civil, and fire protection elements of residential and commercial properties. The services we provide include architectural, structural, and civil forensic evaluations, repair recommendations, standard of care evaluation, allocation of responsibility, cost of repair determination and evaluation, expert witness testimony services, and post-litigation repair design. Our dedicated team has worked on hundreds of high-profile projects and is trusted by firms across the country.

Our Services

Architectural, Structural and Civil Forensic Evaluations
Our team of forensic experts have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and analyze even the most complex building systems. They have decades of experience evaluating roofs, building envelope systems, civil, structural, and fire protection components.

Repair Recommendations
From conceptual repair recommendations and drawings to construction administration throughout the repair phase, wehave the expertise and capability to meet your needs, whether pre-litigation, during litigation, or post-litigation.

Standard of Care Evaluation
Often evaluations require consideration of the appropriate standard of care of contractors and design professionals. The diverse experience of our forensic experts provides us with the ability to evaluate this standard of care for all professionals involved.

Expert Witness Testimony
Our forensic experts have decades of experience handling construction defect claims. We’re available to assist you with all construction claims, no matter the scale or scope.

Allocation of Responsibility
Our team of architects, engineers, and construction experts have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate claims to
determine the parties responsible and to evaluate the level of responsibility of each party involved in the project or case.

Cost of Repair Determination and Evaluation
Determination of fair and reasonable costs of repair is the key to resolving any such dispute in an equitable manner. Our team of Building Consultants have years of construction experience and the knowledge to accurately evaluate the cost to repair a building or property such that it performs as intended. 

Key Contacts


Jeff Felderman 
Technical Director - Construction Defect

Andy Guerra 
Director - Construction Defect & Litigation

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