As average adjusters and marine claims consultants, our role is to promote the swift and amicable resolution of claims through our expertise in both the law and the practice of marine insurance. 


Our worldwide team includes more qualified Fellows of the Association of Average Adjusters than any other business. We have a history that stretches back over 200 years and our training programmes are widely recognised as amongst the best in the industry. We have a detailed knowledge of local practices and regulations, and through our network of offices, we have an estabished reputation for providing invaluable guidance wherever problems occur. 

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and the quantum of the claim. We work closely with the concerned parties, assisting in the collection of information and presentation of claims, whilst ensuring potential disputes are identified and handled in a constructive and consensual manner. In doing so, claims are dealt with efficiently, promptly and fairly. 

Our Services

Hull & machinery

Drawing on our impartial, legal and practical expertise in marine insurance, we promote the swift and amicable resolution of hull and machinery claims.

Our involvement can range from providing an expert opinion to producing a full adjustment of the situation. Working closely with shipowners, their brokers and insurers, we identify potential difficulties early and resolve any areas of dispute through positive negotiations.


General average & security collections

From the earliest stages of any casualty, our average adjuster ensures efficient management of the situation.

When salvage security is requested, our dedicated technology enables even large-scale security collections to be actioned quickly, with all parties’ interests protected.   



Shipbuilder’s risks & repairer’s liabilities 

We offer a comprehensive service to help shipbuilders and their insurers ensure that insurance claims are settled speedily and amicably.

Loss of hire

A significant casualty can impair a vessel’s trading ability and revenue stream.

Our experts will help quantify the exact impact in terms of income and cash flow by taking into account the detailed cause of the situation, the precise policy wording,  time recoverable and any excess period applicable.

We can also advise on interim funding for owners. 

Collision & marine liabilities 

Our in-house consulting surveyors complement our adjusters and have held senior positions on commercial vessels (including technical superintendents and chief engineers), enabling our adjusters to be fully conversant with the technicalities and practicalities of the most complex claims.  

As a result, we can offer independent expert analysis on the timing and cause of damage. Our consulting surveyors can also attend casualties to conduct additional surveys and draw on an extensive global network of trusted local surveyors.

Consulting surveyors  

Our consulting surveyors have previously held senior positions, including technical superintendents and chief engineers, on a variety of ocean-going commercial vessels. This enables our adjusters to be fully conversant with the technical and practical nature of the claims they are adjusting.  

The addition of this service means that we can offer independent expert analysis of the timing and cause of damage. Our consulting surveyors also often attend casualties to conduct additional surveys, and through their extensive combined experience they have established a considerable network of trusted local surveyors in locations around the world.


Client Portal


Access the portal for information on larger-scale general average and salvage security collections.

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