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Solutions Before

  • ADA/FHAG/ANSI Peer Review
  • ASTM/AAMA Fenestration Field Testing
  • Capital Expenditure Plans
  • Construction Observations
  • New Design
  • Owner Representation
  • Performance Testing
  • Property Analysis
  • Third-Party Peer Review of Architectural, Structural, and Civil Plan
  • Third-Party Construction Observation
  • Transition Studies

Solutions After

  • Catastrophic Response
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Compliance
  • Cost Analysis Reporting
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Reserve Studies
  • Origin and Cause Investigations
  • Feasibility Study
  • Fire/Life Safety
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Thermography
  • Repair/Rehabilitation 
  • Site Assessment 
  • Window Testing

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When large-scale incidents and associated business interruption occur they often result in massive claims to the insurance market. Our engineers handle large and complex forensic and root cause investigations for our clients and have been qualified as experts before state and federal courts throughout the United States.

Our Services


Power Plants, Utilities, Industrial, Commercial, Healthcare, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Education



Buildings, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Foundations, Docks, Infrastructure



Roads, Highways, Airports, Railways, Potable Water, Storm Water, Sewage, Public Works



Boats, Ships, Oil Rigs, Marine Vessels, Structures, Docks, Navigation, Cargo, Naval Architecture, Naval Law


Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), Balance Of Plant (BOP), Scheduling, Maintenance & Operations, Consulting, Outage Planning, Procurement



Design Reviews, Instrumentation, Navigation Systems, Hydraulics, Engines, Airports, Maintenance Hangers, Regulations, Public Policy



Oil & Gas Production, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Drill Rigs, Processing, Pipelines, Refineries, Storage Systems, Transportation

Engineering Technical Services

Charles Taylor has an extremely wide range of technical engineering and surveying skills across the Group. 

We offer risk surveys and technical consultancy services worldwide for insurers and businesses involved in energy, mining, construction, utilities, transport and other industrial sectors.

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Construction and civil engineering

Construction projects require careful risk management as the range of activities and the working environment are constantly changing. We undertake surveys for insurers and provide risk engineering reports for major projects worldwide. These provide comprehensive information for underwriters and construction companies and recommendations to reduce the risk of losses. Assignments range from a single inspection to regular reports during the life of a project.

Heavy and high-tech industry

We have significant experience in surveys for heavy industries, including steel plants, aluminium smelters, cement plants, printing and pulp & paper manufacturers. We also survey major high-tech industries such as silicon chip production, automotive industries and solar plants.

Oil and gas (including LNG)

The oil & gas industry creates some of the largest risks insured. It employs a vast range of technologies, often in hostile environments; from the Arctic to the desert, offshore waters, elevated plateaus and mountain ranges.

Risks include well blowouts, fires and explosions, machinery failures and contingent losses. We regularly undertake risk assessments of the oil and gas industry on behalf of brokers, underwriters and insureds.

Petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical

The petrochemical and chemical industries cover a wide range of technologies and hazards, from large vapour cloud explosions to significant corrosive and toxic hazards. Speciality chemical production may also involve widespread hazards involving chemical reactions and explosions.

Our surveys cover operation and management of the site as well as its physical condition. Our team has widespread experience surveying property damage, machinery breakdown and business interruption in a wide range of sectors.

Power and utilities

Power stations and utilities are the backbone of any developed society. Failures in supply can cause huge disruption and large losses. Utilities employ large, sophisticated items of plant, often operating under extreme conditions. Careful risk management is vital to minimise breakdowns and damage.

We have worked in this sector for many years and have experience of the technology used.


Ports, airports, motorways, railways (surface and underground) and other major infrastructure assets are costly to construct and vital for a country's successful development.

Careful risk management and well-structured insurance of physical assets and associated operations is important. We are regularly involved in surveys of many types of transport infrastructure worldwide. Surveys can cover the construction stage or operations, as well as liability and business interruption risks. 

Loss Estimation

Accurate loss estimates are a basic requirement of underwriters and are included in all our survey reports. We also undertake standalone loss estimation studies.

Loss estimate calculations are explained in a step-by-step format, allowing the calculation method to be clearly followed. Our loss estimates cover property damage purposes, machinery breakdown, business interruption and liability.

Risk Research

We undertake research to help insurers, reinsurers, brokers and insureds better understand the environment in which they operate and their markets. Our technical experts are regular members of research panels and undertake projects for clients in many areas of the world that require both technical knowledge and an understanding of local practices.

Risks and insurance products to cover them are constantly changing. Our understanding of the causes of losses is increasing and techniques for managing risks is constantly being developed.

Technical Risk Consulting

Some risk issues require in-depth technical knowledge and analysis to improve risk management. We provide technical services to help companies understand processes that are causing them concern and identify solutions in a clear and concise manner. 

  • Comparisons with international best practice
  • Development of strategies for improvement
  • More effective interaction with insurers
  • Review of innovative technology



Our technical experts are regularly working around the world at the interface between commerce and the financial services industry and specialise in:

  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Multi-national Operations