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Charles Taylor InsureTech adds real value by identifying customers’ needs and wants and mapping them to tailored capabilities that support strategic business objectives. We never lose sight of what you and your customers are trying to achieve; you can design your perfect solution by selecting what you need from the range of configurable, connectable capabilities listed below.

InHub is a cloud-based SaaS hub and integration framework that delivers a unique connected experience for customers. It integrates a suite of best-in-class insurance SaaS capabilities into a secure, cloud-native ecosystem, and it is configurable, flexible and extendable – you can choose as many or as few solutions as you need.

What’s more, each capability can interact with any product and service that is connected to the InHub platform. These products and services can be provided by Charles Taylor, insuretechs, partners, market integrations, brokers, insurers, reinsurers or any insurance market player.

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Earlier this year and had a talk with Alfo Melisse, CIO, Dela about his views on InHub - the latest SaaS solution from Charles Taylor. Watch his testimonial about the technology challenges facing businesses, visions for the IT landscape and the benefits of InHub

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Digital Journey Creation

A digital insurance platform enabling insurance companies to create and launch products, services and digital customer experiences in near realtime, without requiring large capital investment in updating or replacing current core business systems

B2B and B2C Distribution

Quickly launch new products and distribute them globally without costly legacy IT changes. Obtain performance insights and make rapid changes to products, pricing and distribution without changing core systems

Product Engine

Digital product design and configuration capabilities you can use to create and update products rapidly, including pricing

Policy Administration Broking

A retail and wholesale end-to-end broking platform that efficiently manages the whole business lifecycle by automating all areas of it to provide visibility and enhance reporting

Policy Administration Carriers

A complete, modern, scalable, digital platform using proven reusable components, that address the challenges of both modernisation growth and profitability

Policy Enhancer

A flexible set of digital capabilities that you can use to complement and evolve legacy core systems

Underwriting Maximisation

Real-time fraud detection and prevention technology for underwriting processes

Claims Optimisation

Our claims management offering enables insurers to manage both bureau and non-bureau claims on a single SaaS platform

Fraud Prevention

Real time fraud detection and prevention technology for underwriting and claims processes, enabling insurers to pay the right claims quickly

Data Acceleration

Improve your reporting and analytics by seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources and creating automated reports

Bordereaux Management

A bordereaux management offering for cover holders and insurance organisations who need to manage bordereaux more effectively, with real-time visibility of their delegated business

Reinsurance Management

A comprehensive solution for reinsurance brokers that fully manages the entire business portfolio, with complete claims lifecycle control and collection administration

Governance Monitoring

An authority limit compliance solution for insurers that helps prevent costly non-compliance fines and automates authority administration effort

"We were looking for a strategic technology partner to work closely with us in our ongoing plans to modernise the group. InsureTech has made a clear long-term commitment to building its business in Latin America and has the global reach to support our growth ambitions. Its solutions and capabilities are also highly rated by independent analysts."

Luis Ramos, CIO, Seguros SURA Corporate

"The deep insurance market knowledge of the Charles Taylor InsureTech team combined with their tireless commitment to excellence in delivery made them a great choice of partner."

COO, Insurance Broker

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