Whether relating to complex aircraft, equipment or liability, airport infrastructure, baggage incidents, aircraft surveys, asset management, appraisal or remarketing, we have the right capabilities to assess and manage your claims and technical projects efficiently for you.

Our Services


Aviation Hull

Our hull team comprises licensed aircraft engineers and investigators known and trusted by global Insurance markets to handle complex technical claims on their behalf. Their services include end to end claims management, aircraft recovery and site clearance, repair arrangement, cost management and loss adjustment, accident causation investigation, salvage disposal, subrogation and associated support.

Aviation Liability 

Our liability team includes qualified aviation specialist lawyers, and offers expertise in the investigation of aviation incidents, providing a range of non-litigated claim defense and adjusting services. They advise on legal liability and claims adjusting, acting on behalf of insurers, and directly for insured clients.

Aviation Asset Management

Our aviation asset management service offers aircraft lease management, technical asset management and approved continuing airworthiness management (CAMO) services to aircraft fleet owners, airlines and lessors worldwide.


Crisis and Risk Management

Our team of experts help industry plan for the worst, and should an aviation incident or accident happen, provide a tailored fast and effective response to protect the reputation of the operator and minimise insured and uninsured losses.


Evaluation and Condition Surveys


We offer evaluation and condition surveys for aircraft owners, lessors, operators and their insurers to ensure the value of the aircraft is maintained, and to verify compliance with all regulatory and continuing airworthiness requirements and lease conditions.



Operational and Risk Surveys 

With our global reach, we provide bespoke services across industry providing insight and guidance on operational best practice, allowing businesses across the aviation ecosystem to enhance their processes and procedures, mitigating risks, and driving efficiency.


Salvage Sales

We work closely with aircraft operators, owners and insurers to ensure the highest level of financial recovery following damage to an aircraft or high value component where repair is not commercially viable.


 Baggage Claims

Our bespoke technology allows us to efficiently handle high volume baggage claims. Thanks to our integrated teams of in-house specialists, our claims processing facilities are unsurpassed in terms of effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Key Aviation Contacts



Global Director

Hugh Thacker
Global Managing Director

E: hugh.thacker@charlestaylor.com
M: +44 (0)780 198 4441


Chris Whittington
Deputy Global Director

E: chris.whittington@charlestaylor.com
M: +44 (0)792 028 6227


John Leonard
Regional Director - Americas

E: john.leonard@charlestaylor.com
M: +52 55 1834 6686

Asia Pacific

Bob Battoo 
Managing Director - APAC

E: bob.battoo@charlestaylor.com
M: +65 9633 5720

Middle East

Barry Hirons
Resident Manager and Surveryor

E: barry.hirons@charlestaylor.com
T: +44 207 522 7599

Global Liability

Ashley Robinson
Global Director - Liability

E: ashley.robinson@charlestaylor.com
M: +44 (0)778 527 7280

Asset Management

Chris Brennan
CEO Aviation Asset Management

E: chris.brennan@charlestaylor.com
T: +44 (0)780 955 5885

Commerical Director

Cameron Hogg
Global Commercial Director

E: cameron.hogg@charlestaylor.com
T: +44 (0)744 36 083338

Global Baggage Claims

Ian Latham
Business Development Director

E: ian.latham@charlestaylor.com
T: +44 (0)795 783 2450