Pre-deployment Reports

Our pre-deployment, location-specific reports explain everything from the prevalence of snake bites and deadly diseases to the suitability and accessibility of local medical facilities, together with the feasibility of air and land evacuations.

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Charles Taylor Assistance:

+44 (0) 1243 219 600

Medical emergency 24-hour helpline:

+44 (0) 1243 621 191


We will provide the following:

  • An overview of medical care available in the targeted country, setting appropriate expectations from the beginning about available healthcare and medical evacuations
  • Specific data regarding the availability and capability of the medical facilities in a city or location
  • Comprehensive contact details for these facilities where available, such as emergency contact numbers, key contact names, emails and websites
  • A comprehensive list of services offered by medical providers and information about the available medical equipment and resources
  • Contact details for local emergency services such as ambulance and police departments and our comments regarding their capabilities
  • Information on the logistics and feasibility of medical evacuations within the country and resources available
  • Information concerning the logistics and feasibility of medical evacuations out of the country and the medical facilities to which a patient could be taken
  • A detailed emergency procedure for users of the service, indicating what data is required by Charles Taylor Assistance in order to assist more effectively

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