Assistance, travel risk management and claims services for travel and health insurers

When your customers are travelling on holiday or business they want their medical and security risks and needs managed quickly, efficiently and empathetically. They want the same level of service when they come to make an insurance claim.

We know that we are representing your brand in all our dealings with your customers and work tirelessly to keep your service promise to them. Our services are built around anticipating your customers’ needs and assisting them when they need help.

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Assistance Services for Insurers

When you work with Charles Taylor Assistance there are four things that make us stand out from the crowd:

On your side

We will not compete with you. We are not an insurer, distributor or intermediary.


We will help you build a strategy for your market.

Aligned to you

We will align with your business and brand values to provide seamless support.

Dare to be different

We will always explore new ways of working to improve your service.

Assistance, travel risk management and claims services for insurers

When you work with Charles Taylor Assistance there are four things that make us stand out from the crowd: 

Claims management

The true test of an insurance policy comes when a claim is made. We focus on the customer journey by working as an extension of your brand; adopting your values and investing heavily in agile technology, human expertise and specialist training.

Whether it’s a medical, baggage loss or travel cancellation claim, our team has in-depth knowledge of your policy wording and offers swift and efficient claims handling 24/7. We create a seamless claims journey that your customers can manage easily. This means offering maximum choice about how and when claims are submitted and payments are made. It also means providing personal, expert, support that befits a difficult situation overseas. By integrating automation into our claims process for low-value claims, we accelerate the claims journey, providing your customers with stress-free and efficient 24/7 electronic or phone-processing claims options.

And we support this with expert cost containment and medical case management.

Cost Containment

Do you have a medical claim to pay? If you do, why not bring it to the attention of our experienced and dedicated cost containment team to review the bill and confirm if the charges are reasonable and customary. If there is a saving/negotiation to be made, then our team can recommend the expected savings and negotiate the claim. The fee’s charged are a % of the overall saving so it really is a ‘no win, no fee’ service.

Medical Screening

Our highly-skilled team handles thousands of calls each month relating to pre-existing medical conditions. The team is trained to handle calls sensitively, ensuring that all routine and complex medical conditions are recorded accurately. We offer dedicated lines and a fully branded service. Our service fully adheres to the FCA’s Treating Customers Fairly principles and complaint handling procedures.

‘Antidote’ Online Medical Screening Tool

Antidote is our online medical screening solution, built on 25 years’ experience in medical screening, and supporting insurers, brokers and aggregators. Antidote streamlines your customers’ journey and enables more accurate underwriting.

Travel Advice and Pre-deployment analysis

Global travel can present many risks, depending on the type of travel and health needs of the traveller. Our travel advice services help to protect your customers’ health and identify the hazards they may face.

We provide:

Pre-deployment reports
Providing detailed information about medical risks and services in travel locations.

Onsite medical risk assessments
Providing detailed on-location medical surveys and audits in multiple travel locations.

International Assistance

We have a worldwide network with over 70,000 providers on a centralised platform. This gives us immediate access to providers and suppliers with the capabilities and resources to enable our experienced case managers and in-house medical teams to make quick and appropriate decisions.

Escorted Repatriations and Air Ambulances

We are a EURAMI-accredited provider, which recognises our global expertise in end-to-end patient transfers; from road transfers to international air ambulances - any time of the day, anywhere in the world.


Combined Medical and Security Solutions

Our fully integrated medical and security solution has been developed by Charles Taylor and leading providers of security, employee safety and pre-deployment experts. It combines our medical assistance services with technology solutions for protecting and tracking your customers, using the latest technology app in high risk locations as well as providing effective pre-deployment analysis to countries, kidnap, ransom, extortion, piracy and other emergency response.

Offshore Assistance

We are focused on providing end-to-end offshore, onshore and subsea medical services to the energy and marine sector. We optimise patient care and operational efficiency in remote and challenging environments.

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