A seamless solution

Our insurance product implementation framework is designed to complement and modernise legacy core systems.

We recognise the challenges posed by legacy insurance systems. Often inefficient and unstable, these systems can be a financial and operational burden, as well as being incompatible with the latest technologies and data security standards. We are committed to providing a solution that fits seamlessly into your current structures, enabling you to evolve without a complete transformation. Our insurance product implementation framework will make that happen.

Complement and modernise legacy core systems

Our approach is based on a highly adaptable set of digital capabilities, designed to complement and modernise legacy core systems. We offer a wide range of applications, from enhancing front office experiences to establishing a sophisticated middle office that works harmoniously with one or more existing core systems. The configurable front- and middle-office functions integrate seamlessly with any core system in use, as well as with PAS and PMS systems widely used in the insurance industry.

Boost agility and efficiency

The key to our approach is the gradual migration of products from legacy systems. This allows insurers to boost agility without incurring the inconvenience and costs associated with a core systems modernisation. By eliminating legacy system upgrades and by standardising processes, our insurance product implementation framework helps reduce costs and avoid duplication of effort.

One of the strengths of our solution is that it facilitates the rapid creation of new products and extensions to existing products. This includes pricing – all without disrupting the central policy administration system. Our modernisation approach allows insurers to become more agile and efficient, and adapt to market demands, but without losing the stability and reliability that legacy systems provide.

InHub is our versatile and innovative technology base. It includes our cloud-based SaaS platform and integration framework, which form the foundation for our insurtech solutions spanning Digital Transformation, Digital Modernisation, London Market, and Managed Services. 

Through InHub, insurers can access a wide variety of technologies to digitalise their businesses, optimise their operations end-to-end, and create exceptional digital experiences for their customers.

Built by insurance and technology specialists, InHub is a marketplace where insurers can select the solutions that best fit their business requirements. Whether you need a total outsourced solution to transform your organisation, selective upgrades, or progressive modernisation to blend legacy systems with new systems, InHub will provide all the answers.

Our InHub marketplace offers ready-to-use standard business solutions such as personal and commercial lines quoting and issuing portals, self-management or after-sales portals for policyholders and partners, pre-integrated payment gateways, and more.

InHub solves insurance problems and is an invaluable resource for insurers who want the best technology available backed by strategic advice from experts who understand the challenges and opportunities facing the insurance industry. 

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"The deep insurance market knowledge of the Charles Taylor InsureTech team combined with their tireless commitment to excellence in delivery made them a great choice of partner."

COO, Insurance Broker

"We were looking for a strategic technology partner to work closely with us in our ongoing plans to modernise the group. InsureTech has made a clear long-term commitment to building its business in Latin America and has the global reach to support our growth ambitions. Its solutions and capabilities are also highly rated by independent analysts."


Luis Ramos, CIO, Seguros SURA Corporate