Charles Taylor Mutual Management Services

Our Mutual Management Services provide the end-to-end management of mutual insurance companies and associations.


Our services cover every aspect of those companies' operations; from underwriting, claims management and delivery of safety services, to regulatory, accounting and administrative operations, end-to-end technological support, investment management, customer service, corporate governance and company secreterial services. 


Please note: The Standard Club has now offically launched a new business model. For information please visit the Standard Club website.

Signal Mutual

Over thirty-five years ago, several enterprising waterfront employers in the USA came together to create a mutual to save on the cost of their workers' compensation. Signal Mutual was formed and appointed Charles Taylor as its manager. Today, Signal Mutual is the largest provider of Longshore workers’ compensation insurance to employees working in ports and terminals in the USA.

The Offshore Pollution Liability Association (OPOL)

All offshore operators active in exploration and production on the UK Continental Shelf are party to a voluntary oil pollution compensation scheme known as OPOL. OPOL was established to meet offshore pollution claims under the Offshore Pollution Liability Agreement 1974. Charles Taylor provides finance and administration services to the Association.


SCALA provides workers’ compensation insurance to the majority of Canada’s ship owners. We have worked with SCALA since the mutual was founded, providing dedicated management services that enable the business to achieve more.

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