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What has 2021 meant for the UK insurance industry?

After the tumult of 2020, you might be forgiven for wondering how 2021 could ever hope to make an impact on the psyche, operations and strategic direction of the insurance market. But the last 12 months have brought their own distinct market shifts, reflecting changing customer behaviours and expectations, as well as the technological innovations that have been welcomed by the wider industry.

In recognition of the wide-ranging twists and turns that 2021 has brought for the insurance market, Insurance Business UK has joined up with Charles Taylor to explore the key themes of the last 12 months and whether these can be expected to continue to resonate into the New Year. Experts from Charles Taylor have come together for this report to grapple with these pressing questions and explore their far-reaching implications for the wider industry.

Charles Taylor Panel of Experts

  • Joanne Butler, Head of Product Marketing and Pre Sales, Charles Taylor InsureTech
  • Laetitia Fouquet, Head of Specialty Lines, Charles Taylor Adjusting
  • Mike Holley, Senior Consultant - Trade Credit, Charles Taylor Adjusting
  • Simon Cook, Head of Specialist Investigation¬†Services, Charles Taylor

The five key questions explored are:

  • How did 2021 measure up to 2021 in terms of disruption?
  • What are some of the standout changes or surprises you have seen across this sector this last year?
  • How has your team worked to mitigate the key challenges faced by your clients this year?
  • How has your team sought to empower clients to take advantage of new opportunities springing up across the industry?
  • Do you think the key market shifts seen in 2021 will continue to be areas of focus in 2022?


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