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Enhance Security and Streamline IT Operations with Charles Taylor Managed Services

Streamlining IT operations and enhancing security can be daunting tasks for commercial insurers. That's why at Charles Taylor InsureTech we offer a Managed Services Proposition that is tailored to meet insurer’s needs. 

Our comprehensive value proposition includes IP, managed services, and business operations' expertise, making Charles Taylor InsureTech the one-stop-shop for commercial insurers. 

In this blog, we explore the benefits of the managed services offering and how it can improve insurance business operations for insurer, broker, or MGA.


Managed Services Proposition

Charles Taylor InsureTech offers a wide range of capabilities from core platforms to additional features like documentation and API management. This includes Charles Taylor InsureTech InHub, a cutting-edge platform, providing a one-stop hub solution with enhanced security. 

As well as a suite of Charles Taylor InsureTech solutions InHub can accommodate PAS solutions, legacy systems, partner applications, market interfaces and third party data with unprecedented efficiency. 

We understand that insurers may prefer to keep their own systems, which are part of the company’s core competences or IP. As such, we have tailored our managed services proposition with that in mind.

At Charles Taylor InsureTech, we're committed to helping clients optimize their technology estates on a per-user basis. This enhances security and helps reduce IT operations costs. Our experience in managing business operations for our clients sets us apart from the competition. 

With our long-standing heritage in insurance management and expertise in running insurance companies, Charles Taylor InsureTech is a perfect partner for commercial insurers. Of course, certain software-specific players provide focused technologies; however, they are unable to match our managed services proposition or associated expertise.

From the outset, our commitment to delivering exceptional service ensures that clients quickly reap the rewards of our managed services after deployment. Managed services, particularly in the realm of enterprise and business systems management, encompass a thorough method for supervising and enhancing an organization's IT framework. 

By concentrating on producing early results, we establish a solid foundation of trust and facilitate more in-depth strategic discussions with clients to address their unique needs.

Our enduring relationships with industry frontrunners like Microsoft and Oracle are pivotal in our ongoing effort to augment the value we offer to clients. These strategic alliances enable us to supply state-of-the-art resources and capabilities tailored to our clients' specific needs, helping them acquire priceless insights and advice for shaping their strategies and comprehending their available options. 

This vast knowledge and close ties with vital partners gives us a competitive advantage in the sector.

Boasting comprehensive expertise in the Microsoft suite and robust connections with both Microsoft and Oracle, we can promptly meet client demands and supply well-timed, knowledgeable responses to crucial inquiries. 

This caliber of expertise and access positions us as a standout player in industry discussions, as we persistently strive to refine the managed services we render, empowering businesses to proficiently handle their IT infrastructure and concentrate on their primary functions.


People First

Our managed services offering is powered by a team of experienced market practitioners and IT professionals. Their knowledge of systems architecture, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, and security and privacy, makes them uniquely qualified to support the needs of commercial insurers. As a software company, we are confident that this high level of expertise is essential for providing top-level services.

Whether on the desktop or in the cloud Charles Taylor InsureTech systems withstand regulatory rigor. As with clients Charles Taylor group also operates within this heavily regulated insurance market. This maturity in our IP stack sets us apart in the marketplace.

Accustomed to running core platforms and mission-critical systems for clients service is paramount in order to meet the highest levels required to deliver quality service.


The Benefits of Managed Services

Managed services offer a range of benefits for commercial insurers seeking to streamline their IT operations and enhance their security posture. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to transfer risk and outcome to Charles Taylor InsureTech.

As part of the service clients can rely on our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals - without the cost burden that often comes with this expertise. This is a prerequisite as cyberattacks become more prevalent, and commercial insurers look to safeguard themselves from these risks.

At Charles Taylor, we offer a comprehensive value proposition that includes IP, managed services, and business operations' expertise. Our team of experts, robust software stack, and service mindset set us apart in the marketplace.


To learn more about our Managed Services Proposition and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with us today: https://www.charlestaylor.com/en/insuretech/

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