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Q&A with our Cyber partners

Our Cyber team recently reached out to their partners and asked a series of questions on the Cyber attacks seen in 2020 and their predictions for the year ahead.

  • Justin James & Vijay Rathour - Grant Thornton
  • Anthony Hess - Asceris
  • Nicholas Blackmore - Kennedys Australia
  • Kieran Doyle - Wotton + Kearney Australia
  • Madeline Shanks - Clyde & Co UK
  • Quentin Charluteau, Robert Allen, Olivia Darlington, Eva Schothorst-Gransier, Sharon van Norden, Leo Giani, Felix Zimmermann and Alex Gabriel - Simmons & Simmons

We asked the following questions:

  • What were the key attack vendors in 2020 and how did the threat landscape evolve?
  • How did the Covid-19 pandemic/remote working affect the number, frequency or severity of claims? Were particular sectors more targeted than others?
  • What were the biggest drivers of costs, and why?
  • Is underreporting of claims still an issue?
  • Were there more or less regulator notifications in 2020?
  • Did you see an increase in privacy class actions in 2020?
  • What coverage issues are emerging and how have these been impacted by recent OFAC guidance on ransomware payments?

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