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Charles Taylor InsureTech, the provider of insurance services and technology platforms for the global insurance market, announced its plans to delve into the world of the corporate metaverse. It becomes one of the first companies in the insurance industry in Latin America to develop and integrate this multi-purpose digital tool into its business model.  

The metaverse embodies the union between the digital and physical world through the use and development of different technologies and programming. Its rising popularity, along with its efficient applicability, is a direct consequence of the technological advances of the last 25 to 30 years, requiring a permanent access to high-speed Internet.  

"Companies ought to be in touch and accustomed to the concepts and insights that have been shared by different ICT sources, along with technological innovation projects aimed at corporate issues oriented to virtual environments. The metaverse constitutes an opportunity where the private corporate sphere should have a dynamic participation", remarks Mariana Arrieta, Marketing Manager of Charles Taylor InsureTech for the Latin American region. 

At first, Charles Taylor InsureTech's technology and communications team will work in two adjacent spaces: the first will be an open space like conference room, geared towards its potential clients whilst the latter will be an internal office comprising all its staff at a global reach. The implementation of this virtual venture seeks to achieve new corporate objectives, such as encouraging a coworking culture as a way of promoting the interconnectivity of clients, partners and potential partners interested in allying with the company. 

Charles Taylor InsureTech enters the metaverse through Decentraland, the virtual platform developed by the Argentineans Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano in 2015. Currently it has a community of more than 10 million users worldwide and 100,000 virtual lands called plots. Customer-focused, it offers an experience designed for comprehensive participation in business issues, providing only a specific access link, as well as the creation of a username and a personalised avatar.  

"So far, the metaverse is generating a growing number of expectations concerning its economic potential outside of the gaming industry. Multi-productive industries are also playing a leading role in integrating themselves into the metaverse. The interest of companies to be part of this realm invites firms to achieve a solid and rewarding interconnection by relocating part of their business to this digital world. The trend is to operate in the physical world as long as there is a process of customer service also from the metaverse," adds Ms. Arrieta. 

According to Forbes Mexico, by 2026, 25% of people worldwide will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse engaging in digital activities. The accelerated pace at which industries are investing in integrating these tools effectively means that companies are finding opportunities in these platforms to make themselves both relevant and efficient.  

The designed aesthetics of its corporate workspace enables a virtual wallet with the elements of a personalised avatar, a digital identity that is the online representation of the individual who is actively working and participating in a virtual corporate environment. The capability of this interconnection ensures that the traditional office is seamlessly coupled with all of Charles Taylor's networks, opening the way to creatively present the company's activities in scenarios in and out of the metaverse.  

On the importance of technological advances and corporate incorporations into the metaverse, Charles Taylor InsureTech's Marketing Manager for the Latin American region highlights this insertion as a milestone development in Argentina. "It is essential that change is part of the day-to-day life of companies in order for them to meet both the challenges and the opportunities that may arise. Therefore, Charles Taylor InsureTech will generate the expansion of its solutions through digital channels incorporating part of its activities from the metaverse, allowing our customers to learn more about our proposal, services and digital experiences in real time, in a new and more updated way" she concludes.

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