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Charles Taylor InsureTech is 100% focused on helping clients navigate the complex maze of InsureTech options in 2023.


Gonzalo Geijo, Chief Commercial Officer, Charles Taylor InsureTech 

The insurance industry is entering a new era in 2023, with technology playing a critical role in the sector's growth and development. Clients are becoming more discerning and are looking for insurance solutions that are not only reliable but also easy to use.  

To meet these needs, the insurance industry must be able to offer innovative solutions that are built on the latest technology platforms. That's where InHub comes in. InHub is our latest solution. It is a unifying interface that has been specifically designed to integrate with each company's unique technology infrastructure. The platform provides a comprehensive solution that integrates different technology systems, making it easier for businesses to access data related to their operations in one place. Client products and services can be used by Charles Taylor InsureTech, insuretech partners, market integrations typical in the London Market, brokers, insurers, reinsurers and MGA’s. This can also include wider Charles Taylor services including outsourced claims management. The platform also benefits from more modern security than traditional systems, helping to protect customer data and information from malicious intent. 


Innovative technologies without having to overhaul existing systems.  


With a brighter outlook on the horizon for 2023 despite challenges for the global economy, insurers are set to face some key choices about how to invest, including the need to integrate new technologies into existing systems.  

Legacy platforms can be costly and difficult to overhaul, and businesses are often reluctant to make significant changes to their existing systems. With InHub, businesses can take advantage of innovative technologies without having to overhaul their existing systems. This allows companies to keep pace with the latest technological advances without having to go through a time-consuming and expensive process of rebuilding their current systems from the ground up. 

Integrating with existing platforms allows businesses to make use of new technologies without having to totally redesign their current infrastructure. This integration can also provide a more secure environment for customer data, as InHub keeps data safe from malicious intent.  

Additionally, this method makes the process of switching between products easier, allowing customers to get access to what they need quickly and easily. 

Charles Taylor InsureTech is 100% focused on helping clients navigate this complex maze of InsureTech options in 2023. We are working with partners including Microsoft and Oracle to offer a market-leading platform.  

This will make technology integration easier for the insurance market and to assess those big, complex transformation programs and how they connect with different players.  

The company is not looking to solve the big problems, but to see how it can solve the integration of the different technologies that will be part of the bigger picture and assist insurers with speed to market ahead of their competition. 


A unifying platform designed to help businesses navigate complex tech stacks. 


InHub provides an alternative solution that works alongside existing infrastructure. This allows businesses to take advantage of new technologies without the hassle of completely redesigning their current systems. With InHub's integrated platform, businesses can access data related to their operations in one place without too much disruption and difficulty. This technology is also more secure, as it helps protect customer information more effectively than traditional methods. 

The platform is designed to help businesses integrate all of the different elements in an end-to-end process. One of the biggest advantages of InHub is that it allows businesses to access data related to their operations in one place without too much disruption and difficulty.  

This makes it easier for companies to keep track of their operations and to make informed decisions about their business. The platform also helps businesses to protect customer  data and information, making it more secure than traditional methods. 

InHub is a unifying platform that has been specifically designed to help businesses navigate the complex world of InsureTech. We are making and invested long term with global reach in order to support our clients growth plans.   

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