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When travel cancellation claims soared during the pandemic...

  • We took a lead in the market; stepping up our secure digital solutions and automated travel claims
  • We collaborated with clients; creating digital claims options, and developing algorithms to adjust simpler claims
  • We created automated triggers, so we knew when human interaction was needed
  • We provided multi-currency instant payment technologies
  • Our single-platform claims technology gave clients bespoke MI and our teams a 360-degree view of customers’ needs
  • We used web analytics and Net Promoter Score surveys to gauge satisfaction and refine claims journeys, plus digital document signing and workflow management tools to ease communication 
  • Our new digital investigation tool, Discovery (a first in the UK) ran searches on open source and social media sites, to segregate fraud risk and validate claims 

When we wanted to help employers mobilise workforces again after lockdowns…

  • We developed Venture, a simple digital tool to help manage employees’ back-to-international-travel and back-to-work risk assessments 
  • Venture identifies employees who are most at risk of developing severe Covid-19, or any other serious illness 
  • Employees simply complete a quick online assessment, accessible from any device
  • They then receive an automated result, with instructions on what to do next
  • Meanwhile, their employers receive accurate individual risk profiles, based on employees’ predictive variables
  • By providing vital MI and analytics, Venture reduces liability or claims risks for corporates and insurers – driving risk visibility, risk mitigation and accurate underwriting decisions
  • It helps businesses understand their workforce and how to keep them safe; showing that they have taken adequate risk assessment measures 
  • And its technology can be configured to destination or employer-specific requirements
  • All whilst ensuring that employees’ sensitive medical information is withheld from their employers

When we saw an opportunity to simplify the travel risk management process…

  • We collaborated with our security partners Solace Global to launch Intrinsic Assistance: a single digital platform for integrated travel risk management 
  • Intrinsic provides one-source medical and security intelligence and assistance services via a single point of contact
  • It incorporates the Itinerary Travel Tracking app, accessible via mobile devices and wearables 
  • With check-in, SOS & tracking functions, the app enables employers to be fully informed about travelling staff's real-time and itinerary-based locations in the context of current and upcoming security and health threats 
  • Its instant alerts communicate threats to managers and employees, so that travel can be delayed and medical or security assistance can be requested at the swipe of a screen

When we recognised a need for travel and health insurers to price risk more accurately…

  • We used our 25 years’ experience of medical screening to create Antidote, our automated medical screening solution 
  • This agile digital tool simplifies customers’ medical assessment journeys
  • It identifies thousands of medical conditions and excludes significant medical risk for insurers
  • Its score-based approach enables consistent underwriting and helps to price risk more accurately
  • It facilitates accurate data analysis and ownership of customer data
  • And it helps insurers collect additional premiums and increase profitability
  • Whilst paving the way for more policy renewals

When we wanted to create seamless travel claims and medical assistance management…

  • We launched Go-Trex: the UK's first full-service solution to hold travel and health claims and emergency medical assistance data on a single technology platform
  • From First Notification of Loss to claims payment and MI reporting, Go-Trex facilitates seamless end-to-end claims management
  • It enables a 360-degree-view of each customer’s claims and medical assistance status
  • It provides an online self-service portal for insurers and end users 
  • And it optimises claim resolution times and consistent claims decisions 

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