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Charles Taylor InsureTech InHub: Bridging the insurance tech gap in 2023

Lautaro Mon, Chief Product Officer, Charles Taylor InsureTech

In today's rapidly changing technological landscape, the greatest challenge and opportunity for insurance companies lies in technology itself. Legacy systems often cause major headaches for insurers and migrating to a new system is a costly and time-consuming process despite the clear opportunities in reach.

That's why we have built Charles Taylor InsureTech’s InHub, an overarching tech interface and platform which brings applications and products together in a single space. The platform offers an end-to-end unified interface that works in harmony with existing systems instead of against them. This integration of modern technology with the existing insurance infrastructure helps bridge the gap between legacy systems and new advances in the industry.

Access modern technology without having to make large investments

While being a one-stop insurance operation platform for insurers and brokers, InHub can also connects with selected InsureTech startups and other partner solutions and products in the marketplace to create a unified tech ecosystem that is more efficient and effective for businesses. 

This approach allows insurance companies, brokers, and others to take advantage of recent technologies without having to undergo costly and time-consuming migrations. By tapping into the specialized products created by these startups and partners, companies can tailor their offerings to better fit their customers' needs.

Another benefit of InHub is that it makes dealing with legacy issues simpler. By providing a unified interface that works with existing systems, insurers can access modern technology without having to make large investments or undergo costly migration processes.

Integrating with existing platforms is more important than rebuilding everything from the ground up when it comes to solving tech issues in insurance. Most companies have already established systems in place for their operations. Rebuilding these systems completely can be an expensive and time-consuming process. InHub helps companies make the most of their investments by leveraging existing hardware and software while also making use of new advancements.

Connecting disparate systems with a unified interface

One of InHub's biggest differentiators is that it's built specifically for the insurance industry. Leveraging the expertise of Charles Taylor InsureTech, InHub can connect to disparate systems and provide a unified interface that works with all existing infrastructure. This helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, and get more out of investments without having to dedicate resources to migration processes or new technology.

In addition to being built for the insurance industry, InHub also has the capability to build custom solutions to meet specific requirements. We understand the needs of the insurance market and also offer solutions through our marketplace of products and services.

With InHub, insurance companies can take advantage of new technologies, build an ecosystem which serves their clients and is easy for to staff use without undergoing costly migrations.

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