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Our Product expertise includes the following:

  • Structured Credit                                    
  • Senior Secured Credit Facilities
  • Borrowing Base Facilities
  • Non-honouring of Guarantees and Awards
  • Commodity Trade and Export Finance Risks
  • Whole Turnover
  • Single Situation Credit
  • Pre-Export Finance
  • Contract Frustration including Pre and Post Shipment Non-Payment
  • Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation and Deprivation (CEND)
  • Unfair Calling of Bonds
  • Excess of Loss Trade Credit
  • Physical Damage and subsequent Business Interruption

Case Examples

Credit and Political Risks

  • Nigeria – Market Instruction – USD 9.5m loss relating to supply of gasoil arising from non honouring of an arbitration award.
  • Haiti – Market Instruction – USD 36m loss relating to supply of gasoil arising from non-payment under a contract frustration policy.
  • Kazakhstan – Market Instruction – USD 7m loss relating to supply of raw sugar arising from non-payment under an export credit insurance policy.
  • Ecuador – USD 800k loss relating to discounting of promissory notes issued by an Obligor in favour of the supplier and endorsed by the supplier to the Insured in relation to supply of irrigation equipment.
  • Dominican Republic – Market Instruction – USD 2.6m loss relating to contract works for a sanitation project undertaken by the Insured arising from non-payment by financing institution.
  • UK - GBP 3.2m loss relating to infrastructure contract works undertaken by the Insured arising from insolvency of main contractor. 

Political Violence

  • Senegal – Damage to Property following riots in March 2021.
  • South Africa – Property and Business Interruption losses following civil unrest occurred in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces in July 2021.
  • Guinea – Mob attack at Bauxite Project in January 2020.
  • USA – Reinsurance instruction for Property Damage of various Insureds (“brand” shops and banks). Substantial property damage at multiple locations that suffered following the Black Lives Matters Protests in May 2020.
  • Mozambique – Damage to Property following militant attacks in the North of the country in December 2020.
  • Sri Lanka. Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks. Explosion damage to Hotel in 2019.
  • India – Reinsurance instruction for Suppliers Extension (Business Interruption) following terrorism in Supplier country in September 2019.
  • South Sudan – Theft losses for Aid Charity in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019.
  • Lebanon – Bomb damage to Bank in June 2016.
  • Nigeria – Wrongful Detention claim, Port Harcourt in June 2014 and damage to Mobile Telephone Infrastructure by Boko Haram sect in 2012.
  • Colombia – Terrorist attacks to railway lines from January to March 2013.
  • Northern Ireland – fire damage at Public House in June 2013.

Charles Taylor Adjusting’s Specialty Lines practice encompasses our Financial Institutions and Commercial Crime, Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers, Cyber, Credit & Political Risks and Specie & Fine Art specialisms.


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