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CT MGA Policy Admin System




End-to-end management for the life cycle of an insurance policy – from client creation to ratings, quotes, claims, and reporting



Capable of implementing complicated insurance products and ratings, while retaining ease of use



Customizable for the end user, without needing heavy involvement from the ReSpark team

Best-in-industry Pricing

Flat monthly fee, with no commissions or % of GWP

Who Should Consider CT MGA


CT MGA helps derisk early-stage startups by allowing them to:

  • Get to market quicker
  • Focus on sales, growth, and building the right team
  • Avoid needing to take on significant outside venture capital to build and maintain a proprietary technology platform
  • Take advantage of discounted pricing


CT MGA tech is nimble and customizable to manage specialized products:

  • Fast close and bind capabilities
  • Easy to connect to broader ecosystems
  • Integrated claims management
  • Multi-jurisdictional, with automated pricing, fees, taxes to easily write business anywhere in the world


CT MGA Best-in-Industry Pricing

£10,000/month flat service fee
Onboarding fee (~£10,000 depending on complexity)
That’s it, no more fees or % of GWP

• Comes with access to the full suite of ReSpark features

• Dedicated database cluster which can be set up anywhere in the world

• Work with our team to integrate any existing data and tech stacks, either at onboarding or down the road

• Includes continued hosting, updates, and customer support

Features & Benefits

Simple, Powerful Program Management

- Broker portal
- Client management, API with other CRMs
- Policy generation, management, and renewals
- Automatic quoting, billing, and invoicing
- Performance analytics and metrics
- Search navigation function that streamlines access to data
- White-labeling capability
- Non-admitted and admitted program management
- Document generation and management
- Commission management

Automated Infrastructure as a

- Rating tools
- Multi-jurisdictional, with automated pricing, fees, taxes
- Claims tracking and reporting
- Full audit logs for every transaction
- Full data control and security
- Reinsurance administration
- Bordereau reports
- Seamless integration APIs with other legacy systems
- Simple and fast program creation

How we compare

CT MGA is a full-suite policy administration software with best-inindustry pricing.

We also believe in the value of transparency. So here’s what we don’t do:

• Front-end website/application for customer acquisition and management.
• Payment processing. We think there are good existing options available with easy integrations, e.g., Stripe.

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