Longshore workers’ compensation insurance

Longshore workers’ compensation insurance provides waterfront employees in ports and terminals in the USA with vital protection. Larger businesses can access their cover through Signal Mutual, the leading provider in the market, but not all employers meet the criteria necessary to join the mutual.

Some small waterfront businesses employ too few staff to join; even large employers may only have a handful of Longshore workers. We recognised this gap in the market and worked with Signal Mutual to develop SafeShore, a specialist Longshore workers’ compensation insurance programme for employers with a small number of waterfront staff.
SafeShore also provides essential protection to Signal Members and other large Longshore employers who use sub-contractors at their facilities. In the past, these sub-contractors often had inadequate workers’ compensation insurance, exposing their employers to an uninsured risk. Now, SafeShore gives these larger companies a means to ensure that all workers on their premises have high-quality, affordable cover.
SafeShore has made good progress in its first year of operation. Almost 100 members have signed up to the programme, widening access to affordable Longshore workers’ compensation insurance.

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