A medical transfer at the height of the pandemic

An insured man suffering from COVID-related symptoms had admitted himself to a local hospital in Brazil. Within 24 hours, the hospital had contacted Charles Taylor Assistance to advise that they had started treating him. But, with resources stretched by COVID-19, they were unable to provide the care that he needed.


Brazil’s healthcare system was overloaded by the pandemic - and it would be hard to find a suitable hospital with an available bed, to which the man could be transferred for further treatment.


We had soon collaborated with our trusted healthcare and transport partners on the ground in Brazil to arrange the man’s transfer to a more suitable facility, with the capacity to treat him. And it wasn’t long before he was admitted to intensive care and intubated: our in-house medical specialists carefully monitoring every step of his month-long care.


Once the patient had been successfully weaned from ventilation and declared ‘fit to fly’, we were then faced with the ongoing challenge of Brazil’s pandemic-related travel restrictions. But, with the continued help of our partners in situ, we soon had an air ambulance ready to repatriate him to his home country, complete with highly-skilled medical escorts to ensure that he had a safe and successful journey.


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