A life-saving repatriation

A man had been admitted to a government medical facility in Nigeria after seeking advice from a local emergency helpline and testing positive for COVID-19. But the patient, his employer and insurance broker were all concerned about the standard of care being provided - and Charles Taylor Assistance was contacted for help.


The Nigerian government had taken control of all COVID patients in the country and private hospitals weren’t accepting COVID cases. But the hospital to which the man had been admitted offered inadequate medical care and we knew that he desperately needed to be transferred to a superior facility. To make matters worse, the hospital wouldn’t release him without two negative COVID tests, irrespective of his symptoms.


Although the man continued to test positive for COVID-19, we managed to liaise with our trusted partners on the ground to arrange his discharge from hospital. In the meantime, we secured agreement from his underwriters to cover an evacuation flight on a large jet air ambulance, so that we could repatriate him to his home country for ongoing care.
Using a large air ambulance meant that we had ample space for the patient to travel in a "pod system": reducing the risks of infection. It also meant that less fuel stops would be needed along the way (many had been closed because of the pandemic).


The man arrived safely in his home country and was admitted to a suitable local hospital where a bed had been booked and medical staff had been fully briefed on his condition.

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