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Digital front and middle office capabilities

Legacy systems are the cause of some of the biggest problems insurance companies face. They can be inefficient and unstable, expensive to maintain, and – most importantly – incompatible with new technologies and the latest data security standards.

Our Policy Enhancer solution is an infinitely flexible set of digital capabilities that can be used to complement and evolve legacy core systems. It has a range of applications, from providing a simple front office to creating a sophisticated middle office that coexists with one or more legacy cores. Its configurable front and middle office capabilities integrate with any existing core and with all insurance industry PAS and PMS systems, including Charles Taylor InsureTech’s InHub capabilities.


Become more agile

Gradually moving products away from legacy enables insurers to become more agile agility without the pain and cost of replacing the core(s).



Save money and effort

By removing the need to enhance legacy systems, and standardising processes, Policy Enhancer reduces cost and duplication of effort.



Quick product creation

Our solution makes it possible to rapidly create new products and extensions to existing products and pricing without changes to the core policy admin system.



"We were looking for a strategic technology partner to work closely with us in our ongoing plans to modernise the group. InsureTech has made a clear long-term commitment to building its business in Latin America and has the global reach to support our growth ambitions. Its solutions and capabilities are also highly rated by independent analysts."

Luis Ramos, CIO, Seguros SURA Corporate

"The deep insurance market knowledge of the Charles Taylor InsureTech team combined with their tireless commitment to excellence in delivery made them a great choice of partner."

COO, Insurance Broker

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