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It’s hard to focus on what matters most. Hours, days and weeks can be
spent on things that won’t add value to your bottom line - or your customers

Yet, while you’re doing what needs to be done, your world is moving on and you could get left behind. It’s time to look at insurance differently.

For your company to thrive, you need to understand and deliver what your customers really want. Turn all those runaway days into better experiences. Retain their business and grow your own. Outpace the competition.


Getting it right means doing things differently

That’s why the first thing Charles Taylor InsureTech does is focus on giving you some of that time back. This will give you the space to adapt to a longer-term solution, so you can spend more of that time meeting customer expectations and differentiating your business.

Better business results


Improved management of client engagement

  • Follow and manage the entire lifecycle, for better engagement with clients and partners
  • Increase visibility for your business, clients and partners
  • Regularly assess and improve offerings based on lost business 

Improved process speed, quality and controls

  • Remove opportunities for error by reducing the human aspect and progress towards straight-through processing
  • Automate authorisation and approval processes
  • Provide correct audit control
  • Make the entire process more efficient

Improved understanding and management of data

  • A single source of truth for all key data
  • One repository for the storage and retrieval of documents, emails and notes
  • One system to access the entire business lifecycle
  • Insight to drive more informed decision making

Enhanced data granularity and quality

  • Limit opportunities for error or misinterpretation of data
  • Capture a more granular level of data for improved transparency
  • Provide greater visibility of risk and financial/operational position
  • Deliver a better understanding of operational management requirements

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