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Insurance operations reporting and analytics

Insurance companies generate a huge amount of data, and being able to harness and analyse that data is essential to create the insights that can help the business to function more efficiently and capture opportunities for innovation and growth. But all too often, data sits on disparate systems that don’t communicate properly, so companies find it difficult to generate the reporting they need.

Our Data Acceleration solution improves reporting and analytics by seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources and creating automated reports. It is easy to connect to any existing or new data source, be that sales and CRM data or information that sits on legacy and external platforms, and there is an option to incorporate machine learning modules as well. Reports can be generated automatically, reducing the dependence on technical teams. The solution also features secure, centralised management of data security, to give you peace of mind that your data is safe.


Gain greater insights

The solution enables insurers to create the reports they need in order to better understand data and make more insightful business decisions.


Improve data integration

The Data Acceleration solution is compatible with the leading insurance business information tools, as well as legacy and external data storage systems.


Save resources

The solution’s self-service reporting tools reduce the reliance on technical teams to manually generate reports for management.

"We were looking for a strategic technology partner to work closely with us in our ongoing plans to modernise the group. InsureTech has made a clear long-term commitment to building its business in Latin America and has the global reach to support our growth ambitions. Its solutions and capabilities are also highly rated by independent analysts."

Luis Ramos, CIO, Seguros SURA Corporate

"The deep insurance market knowledge of the Charles Taylor InsureTech team combined with their tireless commitment to excellence in delivery made them a great choice of partner."

COO, Insurance Broker