Improve governance, accessibility and control

The insurance industry is under increasing pressure from regulatory bodies to comply with, and evidence their adherence to, new and evolving legislation. Penalties for conduct breaches can be in the millions, so it is vital for companies to improve the governance, accessibility and control of their authorities.

Authority Hub allows you to prove the issuance and acceptance of authorities, as well as providing real-time visibility of exposures across the business. It’s a single, web-based platform that enables you to define, delegate, control and evidence your limits. You can gain full visibility of authorities across your organisation, be confident that you are complying with industry regulations, and limit the time, cost and errors involved in managing your authorities.


Avoid fines

Adhering to new and updated legislation ensures you avoid costly fines and reputational damage


Save time

Automated processes free underwriters and claims handlers from time-consuming administrative tasks


Gain focus

Getting clear visibility of your risk exposure enables you to make better decisions and avoid overwriting risk



Authority Hub is a SaaS offering powered by Microsoft Azure

10 challenges Authority Hub can solve

With insurers under increasing pressure not only to comply with new and evolving legislation, but also to prove they are complying, authority management is more important than ever before. Authority Hub has been designed to help insurers deal with the challenges they face in managing and governing underwriting, claims and non-insurance authorities.

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