Travel assistance for businesses

Today many businesses have employees travelling the world and have a duty of care to ensure they are kept safe. Businesses also face greater board scrutiny and are exposed to increased litigation risk if something goes wrong.

Our assistance services for businesses eliminate these risks – improving medical outcomes, cutting costs, improving the employee’s experience, reducing reputational risk and helping to boost productivity.

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International Assistance

We have a worldwide network of fully-audited medical providers, held on a centralised platform. This gives us immediate access to providers and suppliers with the capabilities and resources to enable our experienced case managers and in-house medical teams to make quick and appropriate decisions.

Combined medical and security solutions

Intrinsic Assistance is a fully integrated medical and security solution developed by Charles Taylor and SOLACE Global. It combines our medical assistance services with SOLACE’s solutions for protecting and tracking your customers in high risk locations. SOLACE also provides security solutions for kidnap, ransom, extortion, piracy and other emergencies affecting your staff.

Travel advice and risk management:

Global travel can present many risks, depending on the location and health needs of the traveller. Our travel advice services help to protect your employees’ health and identify the hazards they may face.

We provide:

Pre-deployment reports:
Detailed information about medical risks and services in travel locations.

Pre-deployment training:
Training and awareness building services to help your employees avoid travel risks. We give you and your staff vital insights into potential dangers and their associated costs.

Onsite medical risk assessments
Expert on-location medical surveys and audits in travel locations.

Escorted Repatriations and Air Ambulances

In serious cases, it is sometimes necessary to arrange for a patient to be relocated to a more suitable facility, in a neighbouring country or, in most cases, back to their country of origin. We offer a complete repatriation and air ambulance solution.

24/7 offshore, onshore and subsea medical management

We provide a unique range of end-to-end 24/7 offshore, onshore and subsea medical services to the energy and marine sector.

Crisis Coordination

Every so often things go really wrong. An earthquake destroys physical landmarks and telecommunications, cutting off employees - or political tensions erupt into civil war, causing airlines to cancel routes, leaving colleagues stranded in a city that is descending into violence. Our crisis coordination services help you to respond promptly and effectively to protect your staff.


Security Services

We facilitate global security and risk assessment services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to businesses wanting to minimise the risk to their personnel, operations and profitability.


Scenario Testing

Cost Containment

Do you have a medical claim to pay? If you do, why not bring it to the attention of our experienced and dedicated cost containment team to review the bill and confirm if the charges are reasonable and customary. If there is a saving/negotiation to be made, then our team can recommend the expected savings and negotiate the claim. The fee’s charged are a % of the overall saving so it really is a ‘no win, no fee’ service.


Uninsured Assistance

Uninsured losses are costs that are not covered by your insurer. They include emergency assistance, medical treatment and travel expenses. We can provide these services to you directly. Services not covered by insurance are offered on the basis that an individual or business will pay for them.

Our emergency scenario testing usually involves exercises to assess the efficacy of an emergency plan, or to test individuals on their knowledge of what to do in an emergency. It enables your staff to feel more confident in their emergency roles.

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