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How we interact with the communities in which we operate, how we ensure good governance and how we engage with and enable the wellbeing of our staff permeates throughout our operations. Here we have set out our approach, reflecting our attitudes, adopted processes and our progress in maintaining an ethical and responsible business.

Ethics and integrity

Charles Taylor works exclusively within the insurance market and has a highly-valued reputation. We acknowledge that reputations are made on how one acts; not just what one says, but what one does and how one does it. Our Core Values set out what can be expected from us and these underpin everything that we do. The values and desired behaviours ensure that we maintain our good name, brand and reputation at every interaction with our stakeholders and with those who come into contact with Charles Taylor.

Policies and compliance

Charles Taylor has formal policies on conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality, anti-corruption and sanctions. These are communicated to staff on joining and, where necessary, annual refresher training is provided. All policies are available to staff on our intranet, Compass. Processes are in place to ensure compliance and that training is undertaken and recorded. Individual Global Business Services teams (such as Property, Legal, HR, Risk and Compliance) are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of our standards and review our policies at least annually. Our Internal Audit team reviews any possible non-compliance of material areas. Examples of these include:

  • Conflicts of interest:
    We have a policy on conflicts of interest and a process for identifying conflicts which may exist for management, staff, clients and suppliers. We believe this is an important part of our ethical stance and our processes are set up to record, verify and respond to any perceived conflicts.
  • Gifts and hospitality:
    We have a gifts and entertainment policy, which sets limits for the receiving and giving of such benefits. Staff make monthly declarations of such activities to ensure that we are recording any instances where our integrity may be called into question. Each declaration reiterates to individuals their responsibilities. The process is simple and compliance is high.
  • Anti-corruption:
    The Board acknowledges its commitment to maintaining clear and appropriate procedures within the Group’s operations to prevent corruption. We shall continue to use the UK Bribery Act as a minimum benchmark for this aspect of ethical interaction with, and on behalf of, partners, clients and suppliers. Our internal standards and processes apply to all our businesses irrespective of their country of domicile or operations. In territories outside of the UK, we meet any further measures required under local legislation or regulation but do not dilute the requirements of the Bribery Act which we use as our standard.
  • Sanctions:
    We have processes in place designed to check and prevent any business, obligation or contractual relationship with sanctioned individuals and/or entities. In a turbulent political climate, this has become more important and remains an area of focus. In January 2020, on completion of the Charles Taylor acquisition by Lovell Minnick, we undertook a review of our compliance with sanctions, given our status as a US-owned entity and the revision of the sanctions regimes that apply as a result.

The Environment 

We have a long-term vision for sustainable development and continuous improvement of our environmental performance by maintaining best practice throughout our operations. The Board has overall responsibility for environmental impacts and has delegated the monitoring of our progress to its Nomination & Governance Committee. The designated executive responsible for our environmental performance is the Group Chief Operating Officer. The heads of each business are responsible for compliance of environmental policy and processes within their respective operations, with Global Business Services providing guidance together with logistical support. We have retained Ecofiniti Ltd as a professional adviser on environmental matters for the Group. The following objectives demonstrate how we shall continue to meet our commitment to reduce our environmental impacts:

Environmental management

  • To continuously measure, monitor and review our impact on the environment as we grow by implementing an environmental management system
  • To work with our clients, suppliers and subcontractors to raise awareness of our aims and ensure compliance is followed throughout the supply chain. Developing a programme of Key Performance Indicators to monitor and measure our progress
  • To promote awareness of our responsibilities and initiatives throughout the Group, engaging employees in sustainability activities and target setting
  • To regularly report environmental impacts through the appropriate public forums and adhere to all current and relevant legislation. We acknowledge that our clients, investors, staff and our wider stakeholder group have an interest in our environmental impacts and what we are doing to manage these on an ongoing basis
  • To allocate appropriate resources to ensure objectives can be achieved
  • To report environmental performance to the Board to ensure top-level leadership on environmental policy and to empower relevant management decisions
  • To comply with all relevant environmental legislation in the jurisdictions in which we operate

Impact reduction

  • To enhance recycling schemes throughout our offices and reduce waste
  • To lower our carbon emissions created through travel by making use of the conferencing technologies that we have available to us. Ensuring the environmental impacts are considered when arranging necessary travel and that the most sustainable mode and routes are used
  • To consider the environmental impact within all business decisions, maximising the opportunities for best practice


Communicating and reporting

  • To meet our obligations regarding reporting our environmental impacts to the relevant regulatory bodies in the jurisdictions in which we operate
  • To report internally and externally on our environmental performance against our targets
  • To promote and build awareness of environmental responsibility amongst our employees
  • To communicate and engage with staff at all levels to identify, assess and reduce operational impact on the environment


Extending our commitment to our value chain

  • To engage and support current or potential suppliers to improve environmental performance
  • To develop working practices for staff and within our client relationships that encourage continued consideration for the environment


Environment Policy Statement

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