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Aviation Services

Our team is comprised of experts in the aviation industry, with many years of practical experience in senior engineering and operational roles with leading airlines, as well as senior positions in aviation insurance.

Based in locations around the world, our team can respond quickly and effectively to all types of hull and liability claims.

Our services are split into three major capability areas, Aviation Hull and Aviation Liability loss adjusting and Aviation Asset Management.

Additional capabilities

Crisis and risk management

A fast and effective response following an aviation accident helps to protect the reputation of the operator and minimise insurance losses. We have deep experience of major aviation incidents, which we draw upon to respond quickly on behalf of operators and their insurers.

Evaluation and condition surveys

We provide evaluation and condition surveys for aircraft owners, lessors, operators and their insurers to ensure the value of the aircraft is maintained, and to ensure compliance with all regulatory and continuing airworthiness regulations.

Salvage sales

We work closely with aircraft operators, owners and insurers to ensure the highest level of financial recovery following damage to an aircraft where repair is not commercially viable. We negotiate the salvage sale of large and smaller aircraft using tenders and sealed-bids to secure the best price and fast disposal of aircraft.

Operational safety surveys

Airlines, general aviation operators and airport operators invest significant time and money in ensuring safe and efficient operation of their services. We can help to ensure that your procedures are comprehensive and effective.