Addressing the gender pay gap

Like many others in the insurance industry, we know that our gender pay gap is going to take time to overcome, however we are proud to say that we are making progress – and, after reading this document, I hope you will agree that we’re taking the right steps towards trying to close the gap even further.

Over the last year, we have continued to ensure that our approach to staff recruitment, development, and retention drives inclusion: irrespective of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. We have also better enabled our colleagues to balance work and family life - and we continue to focus our efforts on attracting talented women and to increase their representation at senior levels.

During 2019 we piloted an exciting high potential development programme: open exclusively to women initially. We also launched a new technology consulting graduate programme: 60% of whose participants are female. Furthermore, we hosted two industry events for colleagues and invited guests that focused on females in business: “Women in Insurance” and “Women in Technology”. These saw our senior female employees talking about their experiences, career journeys and successes in overcoming challenges. Both events were highly rated by attendees and we plan to continue hosting events like these to share ideas and build networks.

Our latest staff engagement survey is testament to our success in promoting workplace diversity. It shows that 80% of our staff feel we are taking positive steps towards diversity and inclusion: the highest percentage ever to express this opinion. In addition, I am delighted to say that we have been shortlisted for several prestigious diversity awards each year for the last four years.

However, we know that the gender pay gap is an industry-wide issue and that there is more to be done. We are committed to remaining focused on closing the gap.

Edward Creasy
Executive Chairman
Charles Taylor 


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