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Investment Process

In working to achieve the investment objectives the following process is undertaken:

  • Set appropriate long-term strategic objectives:
     -  Create a benchmark appropriate to the client’s liabilities, return objectives
        and risk appetite.
     -  Carry out stress and scenario tests to help set the long-term strategic
        objectives embedded in the benchmark.
     -  Establish guidelines for permitted asset class exposures.
     -  Set a risk budget (e.g. Value at Risk relative to liabilities and tracking
        errors etc.) appropriate to the client’s risk appetite.
  • Take tactical investment positions reflecting:
     -  Top-down market views.
     -  Bottom-up market opportunities.
  • Ensure portfolio is balanced:
    - The portfolio should be a collection of good ideas and opportunities, which,
       when aggregated, form a coherent set of investments.


Charles Taylor Investment Management Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN148462).

Douglas Jones
CEO, Charles Taylor Investment Management Company Limited

T: +44 20 3320 2321

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