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Six Steps to Safety Culture

Charles Taylor Safety Management has designed a robust six step process to establish a safety culture within your company.

1. Establish a Baseline

CTSM Professionals use Perception Surveys, Gap Analysis, and Management System Audits to develop a Benchmark Baseline.

2. Engage Executive/Senior Management

Return on Investment is influenced by Core Values and Culture. Employee Climate and SWOT Evaluation are emphasized in Executive Safety Leadership Course.

3. Implement Skills Training for Management/Supervision

Management skills are enhanced through Education and Training.

4. Embrace Organizational Integration and Cultural Change

Strategies and Tactics for Change Management are integrated into Organizational Process and Communication Plan.

5. Sustain Achievement and Continue Strategic Advancement

Performance Scorecard and Cost-Benefit Analysis are measured against Benchmark Baseline. Executive Mentoring Program for Succession and Career Path Development.

6. Beyond the Workplace

Develop and implement Healthy Lifestyle Options and Off-the-Job Safety.

Key contact

Larry Toepper
President - Charles Taylor Safety Management

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