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Case Study: Stevedore/Terminal Operator

A Stevedoring company was incurring major losses from employee injuries while working at their Terminal.

CTSM met with the COO to discuss the issues and formulate an action plan. An in-depth analysis was initially conducted to establish a baseline. The audit included a program/procedure/record review, interviews at all levels from executives to hourly employees, and physical observations of all operations and equipment.

Upon completion of the audit, training was conducted for executives, then managers and finally supervisors. Assistance was provided to revise existing procedures and, where necessary, new procedures were put in place. Safety was then integrated into all procedures. A safety communication campaign was implemented and various objectives and activities were measured for success. Modifications were made where needed to keep the overall program dynamic.

Within 24 months the company reduced losses by over 83%. In addition, turnover was down, productivity was up and employee morale and engagement improved.


Larry Toepper
President - Charles Taylor Safety Management

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