Networking event at The Moniker

Join us at The Moniker in London
Wednesday, 7th February 2024 | 8:30am – 12:00pm GMT.
The Moniker, 25 Fenchurch Ave, London EC3M 5AD

Experts from Charles Taylor and our technology partner, Microsoft, will be discussing three key technology themes that are affecting insurers. You will have an opportunity to submit questions and understand how we can help.
The event will provide valuable insights and solutions for insurers, so do not miss out and reserve your place now.

Topics covered include:

Cyber Security

As an industry that deals with huge amounts of sensitive personal and financial data, insurance is particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. Ensuring this data is secure not only builds trust with clients, but also avoids potential financial penalties resulting from data breaches. We will run through the main threats – and how to counter them.

The rise of AI

Every industry is talking about the rapid development of artificial intelligence. As the pace of technological changes accelerates, with each new wave of AI tools being adopted faster than the last, it can be hard to keep up. We will take a practical look at how AI can help insurers to operate smarter and more efficiently.

Legacy Technology

The limitations and challenges posed by outdated IT systems are familiar to every insurance company. However legacy modernisation is not just an IT issue; it directly impacts operational efficiency, risk management, and the overall agility of your organisation. We will explain how you can modernise – and futureproof – your technology stack.

 Our Technology Partner


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