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Staff engagement CT Assistance

The staff engagement survey is an important annual mechanism; enabling us to gauge how staff feel about working life at Charles Taylor Assistance.  Employee opinion has helped us make important decisions that aid our attraction strategy and reduce staff turnover.

For example, we have improved our sick pay provision, accelerated the benefit of incremental leave for new hires, and introduced the Simply Health cash plan; granting fast reimbursement for the direct costs of healthcare.  We've also used the survey results to create stronger links between diversity and wellbeing, and to place greater emphasis on learning and development.

The overall response rate from the survey (all Charles Taylor Assistance staff) was 85%, vs 87% in 2018

Employee advocacy (promoter score) was 84%, vs 87% in 2018
The top five best performing aspects of working life in 2019 were the same as the previous year:                                           

1. Vertical relationship                        
2. Independence                                
3. Working conditions
4. Loyalty
5. Career progression

Despite doing well in these five areas, we will strive to understand any concerns that have affected the way in which staff have ranked them.
Heads of department will now be working with their teams to fully understand areas of concern and to form action plans around these by the end of January 2020. 
Plans will be reviewed by the Charles Taylor Assistance senior management team each quarter.

Tara Wright
Head of Human Resources


Staff engagement Charles Taylor Specialist Claims Management

High level:
SCM was 91% completion vs 78% last year.
74% of SCM are engaged which has reduced from 79% last year.
90% of SCM would recommend CT as a place to work (promoter score) vs 89% last year.

Only 2 areas of concern this year are Reward and Recognition and Co-Operation. Both of these were in last years’ areas of concern so are clearly still important to employees and areas where we can improve on. It is our intention to begin to develop an action plan to focus on improving the employee experience in these areas.

2019 Areas most important to SCM are:

1. Reward and Recognition
2. Working Conditions
3. Independence
4. Cooperation
5. Vertical Relationship

The top 5 from last year (2018) were:

1. Cooperation
2. Independence
3. Reward and Recognition
4. Working Conditions
5. Loyalty and Trust

So Vertical Relationship has now edged over Loyalty and Trust

Natalie Bray

HR Business Partner, Charles Taylor