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Pro-active Medical Case Management – what does it really mean

Pro-active Medical Case Management – what does it really mean

12 November 2020

Are you confident that your Defense Based Act (DBA) vendor is taking proactive steps in their Medical Case Management? If not, this is something that could impact both the claimant’s route to recovery and the time and loss which occurs.

We all know it isn’t easy to manage a file where the claimant has endured multiple injuries as a result of a work related injury in a remote location, however with Charles Taylor expert MCM services, the pathway of the claim is managed for optimum outcomes.

Chris Knight, Assistance Services Director at Charles Taylor gives his insight Pro-active Medical Case Management and what it means.

We understand that often a worker deployed in an unfamiliar territory often lacks knowledge of local resources and how to access necessary medical care. Upon receipt of new file, everyone in the team has the best interests of the insured at the center of their focus.

A few points which set us apart is our focus on proactive case management to guide the treatment pathway to MMI in optimum time. This ensures that the claimant receives medically necessary treatment in a timely manner, whilst mitigating losses for the carrier.

Obviously, we operate in some of the world’s most challenging areas but despite this, we maintain our high level of corporate governance. As with other providers, we have a global footprint with ‘boots on the ground’ and this is complemented by 3 operations centres, 2 in the UK and 1 in Spain, manned 24/7 by experienced and professional case managers.

Due to the volumes of cases and claims we manage (280,000 claims last year, 30,000 evacuations and 60,000 assistance cases) from various global clients, covering IPMI, PA, Travel, Health, Workers Comp, DBA we are able to provide substantial cost containment with a vast amount of worldwide providers. We also have an in-house medical team, investigation unit, supply chain and cost containment department and offer telemedicine services. 

All these elements together support our tag line ‘improving outcomes one claim at a time’.  As an additional add on, we can provide Audit and MI to support risk management and provide our clients with intelligence surrounding their claims.

Local, engaged, experienced team members on the ground, who understand the local infrastructure and medical capabilities overcome obstacles for smooth case management, appointment scheduling, obtaining medical reports and generally supporting the claimant’s journey to MMI.

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