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Covid-19 will trigger the London market's digital transformation

Covid-19 will trigger the London market's digital transformation

01 April 2020


Charles Taylor InsureTech's chief commercial officer, Tony Russell, describes the pandemic as a watershed event for the digital transformation of the insurance industry and, therefore, for the prospects not only of Charles Taylor InsureTech itself, but also for the broader Charles Taylor business, which was recently acquired by US private equity firm Lovell Minnick.

“As everybody knows, the technology to bring about that transformation has been there for a long time, but the mindset has been lacking. However, over the past few weeks, people have been forced to work remotely and to use digital communication tools and resources that have been widely available,” Russell says. “All of our clients in the London market, in the few short weeks we have all been working from home, have used these tools much more efficiently than they have ever done before. They are realising technology is an asset rather than something to be feared.”

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Author: Rasaad Jamie

Published in Insurance Day 31 March 2020