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Charles Taylor Technical Services Launches Advanced Electrical Power Diagnostic Technology

Charles Taylor Technical Services Launches Advanced Electrical Power Diagnostic Technology

06 November 2019

Charles Taylor Technical Services (CTTS) has launched a new diagnostic testing technology for owners and operators of critical electrical power apparatus. CTTS’ Electro-Magnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) technology is an advanced electrical power system diagnostic program used to monitor and evaluate generators, transformers, motors, switchgear, and power cables to avoid potential system failures. EMSA technology is applied to fully-energized and operational electrical equipment and is performed on-line during normal operations without the need for a plant shutdown. EMSA testing is a completely non-invasive technology, therefore eliminating any risk of inadvertent tripping or other adverse scenarios.

“Charles Taylor’s EMSA is a pioneering technology that delivers a sophisticated and highly accurate method of testing electrical systems while energized,” stated Richard K. Ladroga, P.E., Chief Technical Officer.  “Our team of professional electrical engineers is recognized around the world for its industry-leading expertise in the field of electro-magnetic signature analysis.”

CTTS engineers have identified over 70 various adverse conditions that can and often do lead to electrical breakdown and/or failure. EMSA can isolate a specific location within the system that requires attention to prevent failures, improve system reliability, and enhance outage planning for more efficient, targeted maintenance. EMSA is applied without the need for disassembly or system shutdown, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs. Additionally, the potential for accidental plant tripping is eliminated. Following inspection, EMSA technology verifies that maintenance activities corrected the problem without additional harm to the electrical systems.

Industry sectors to benefit from Charles Taylor’s EMSA technology include power plants (nuclear, fossil fuel, hydro), commercial operators (gaming casinos, shopping malls), petrochemical refineries, institutional (hospital systems, educational facilities), and transportation (air, rail), among other operational applications.

Mr. Ladroga noted, “On-line inspection translates directly into avoidance of failures and reduction in loss of production that directly impacts the bottom-line of owners and operators of critical assets.” 

CTTS performs electrical system risk assessment using sophisticated electrical testing tools, software and methods while working with owners, operators, and insurance industry risk managers to increase safety, reliability, and production. Charles Taylor Technical Services is a unit of Charles Taylor plc, a leading international provider of professional engineering services and technological solutions to clients in global market sectors.