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Meet Ehsan Shaeri, Future Focus Chair for the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

Meet Ehsan Shaeri, Future Focus Chair for the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

29 October 2019

Ehsan Shaeri is a Specialist Adjuster within Charles Taylor Adjusting's Technical & Special Risks Division. He has been appointed as Chair of the Future Focus Group for the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA). The Group represents the next generation of loss adjusters and other claims professionals on the CILA Council to ensure that their views and needs are considered and reflected within Institute activities. 

Ehsan Shaeri CILA

What kind of projects do you anticipate working on with the Future Focus Group?

Predominantly, my goal will be to increase engagement from younger, less experienced and less engaged loss adjusters and claims handling professionals. The CILA is still relatively young in comparison to other institutes and institutions, making it ripe for change. I am very keen for the Group to make a meaningful impact. 

I want the CILA to attract a wider group of people, and make existing members feel more involved throughout their careers. One way to assist with this would be to bridge the gap between more experienced adjusters and those who are less experienced. There are projects in their infancy which may support this initiative that are currently going through feasibility studies including the introduction of a mentoring/reverse-mentoring programme. This will support engagement and help members (and perhaps potential members) to feel a part of the CILA.  

I also hope to sow the seeds for more ambitious future projects during my time as Chair. I believe that how we train adjusters needs to reflect the ways in which the role will change dramatically over the next few years in the wake of AI, big data, nanotechnology and blockchain. As adjusters we need to be equipped with the tools to anticipate these changes, and part of my role will be to liaise with the wider CILA groups to translate necessary changes into the accreditation process.  

What initially sparked your interest in loss adjusting?

Coming from a background of project management and delivery in construction, I was seeking more flexibility, variety and work-life balance. I have certainly found that in the culture here at Charles Taylor, and I very much enjoy the entrepreneurial aspect of my role. 

Why do you think it's important to increase engagement with the younger generations? 

Fundamentally, I believe the UK has the world’s premier claims handling and adjusting hub, although I may be biased! In a rapidly changing world, diverse groups and new ways of thinking are vital to allow for more innovation and disruption in the industry. The transfer of know-how from seasoned experts will ensure we remain relevant in an ever-changing landscape. 

What challenges have you met yourself that you feel you will be able to help CILA members with?

Personally, I felt I could have benefited from more engagement throughout the qualification process. I believe that my work with the Future Focus Group will enable the CILA to provide the tools that will guide members through the accreditation process, perhaps targeting less recognised and smaller adjusting houses (or TPAs) where individuals may not find the support infrastructure internally to assist their progression to ACILA. This could take the form of regular training sessions and roadshows, for example. 

What attributes do you value in the other members of your Future Focus Group? 

The Group includes a range of ages and a breadth of diversity, ensuring that different viewpoints, experiences and inputs are considered and catered to. A key attribute in the Future Focus members is their keenness to get involved, paired with a sense of ownership in the CILA. 

Ehsan Shaeri
Associate Director

T: +44 203 889 8255
M: +44 788 466 5225