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Announcement of results 2018

Charles Taylor plc announces full year results 2018

13 March 2019
Charles Taylor announced its results for 2018 to the London Stock Exchange this morning.

The Group delivered sizeable growth in revenue and adjusted profit before tax.  We benefitted from organic and acquired growth in many of our business lines.

Our growth in adjusted profit before tax is not reflected in our statutory profits before tax, which unfortunately shows a loss.  We adjusted the statutory result to present a clear picture of the underlying performance of Charles Taylor over the year.

David Marock, Group Chief Executive Office, Charles Taylor plc said:
“I am pleased to report significant progress on executing our strategic objectives.  This year, we have refined and clarified our growth strategy, making it more understandable to all stakeholders.

We have consolidated our existing claims services related capabilities to create a joined-up claims services business with global scale and material growth prospects.

We have also seen Charles Taylor InsureTech come of age as a sizeable, sustainable business with rapid growth prospects.

Our Insurance management business has continued to support the sustainable growth of its clients. The mutuals we manage are in strong financial positions, attracting and retaining a well-diversified underlying client base.

We are taking forward numerous growth initiatives and our investments are delivering good results overall.  We are confident that our strategy will deliver further growth and returns to shareholders."

Click here to read the full results announcement.