Shipbuilder's risks

Where an accident has occurred or a problem is detected during the construction of a vessel, shipbuilders face reduced cash flow, pressure on profit margins and customer dissatisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive service to help shipbuilders and their insurers ensure that insurance claims are settled speedily and amicably.

Before a casualty

Following a pre-risk survey by our group’s qualified engineers, we can advise on wording of insurance contracts and establish contingency plans.

After a casualty

We will advise on the potential liability of the insurers, analyse the likely problem areas, recommend interim payments and adjust the claim in a clear format according to recognised principles, to ensure prompt settlement.

Our experience enables us to tailor our services to the requirements of an individual yard and the circumstances of a particular claim. We will gain a rapid understanding of a yard’s accounting and operational procedures and liaise closely with a yard’s insurance advisers.

Our job is to ensure that the inevitable disruption to the shipbuilders’ business resulting from a casualty is kept to an absolute minimum. Cash flow will be protected and management time saved.

Key Contacts

Richard Cornah

Tel +44 151 235 5554
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Oliver Hutchings
Managing Director, Marine

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Andrew Slade
Director – Head of Average Adjusting, London

Tel +44 20 7398 5354
Mobile +44 7585 888 454

Amy O'Neill
Managing Director, Liverpool

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Mobile +44 7884 114 178
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Cory Chow
Managing Director, North Asia

Tel +852 2399 6138
Mobile HK: +852 92664409 China: +86 147-1440-6860

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RHL News and Latest Publications

Implications fo the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap from a hull and machinery claims perspective

On 1 January 2020, the limit for Sulphur in fuel oil used in vessels operating outside designated control areas will be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5% under the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap. This publication sets out the options available to Shipowners in order to comply with the Sulphur Cap.

An Adjuster's Note On Ballast General Average

This article sets out a brief background to ballast general average situations and comments on some of the different types of ballast GA clauses under major international insurance policies.

An Adjuster's Note On The Supreme Court Decision In The “B Atlantic”

The Supreme Court’s judgement relating to seizure as a result of drug smuggling clarifies the relevant cover under war risk policies and reaffirms the proximate cause doctrine.
In the first instance judgement, noteworthy considerations were also given to the allowance of sue and labour charges after giving notice of abandonment for a constructive total loss.

Introduction to Hull Claims

The nature of ships and the trades they ply gives rise to a wide variety of risks and exposes both the ship itself and those that run them to a multitude of different types of losses. Marine hull insurance, possibly the oldest type of insurance, steps in to combat the effect of these losses, and is a means by which shipowners can manage their risk. This publication gives an initial introduction to marine hull claims, and the role that average adjusters play.