Hull and Machinery

Our role is to promote the swift and amicable resolution of claims on hull and machinery policies, whether by giving an opinion on liability or by producing a full adjustment of the claim.

We do this by our: 

  • Independence
  • Dispute resolution skills
  • Knowledge of different types of insurance contracts and practical claims settlement in-house marine engineering expertise
  • Global claims experience represented by our office network
  • Speedy, concise and effective reporting

We have combined the traditional average adjusters’ independent approach to claims settlement with modern IT methods, providing a service that is flexible and fast. Potential difficulties or areas of dispute are identified at an early stage and dealt with in a non-adversarial manner that safeguards relationships between the parties, and which is cost-effective.

Our qualified and experienced personnel form a global resource to help clients respond to casualties and process claims effectively. Staffed largely by local nationals, our offices are known and respected in their markets, providing invaluable guidance wherever problems occur.

Key Contacts

Richard Cornah

T: +44 151 235 5554
M: +44 7785 948 830

Oliver Hutchings
Managing Director, Marine

T: +44 203 320 8885
M: +44 791 772 2761

Andrew Slade
Director – Head of Average Adjusting, London

T: +44 20 7398 5354
M: +44 7585 888 454

Amy O'Neill
Managing Director, Liverpool

T: +44 151 235 5557
M: +44 7884 114 178
E: amy.o'

Cory Chow
Managing Director, North Asia

T: +852 5803 4615
M: HK: +852 9266 4409 China: +86 147 14406860

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RHL News and Latest Publications

Commentary on amendments to LOF 2020

The latest amends to the Lloyd's Open Forum (LOF) came into effect from 1 January 2020. We have reviewed the further changes that have been made and consider the impacts these may have on the role of average adjusters when handling claims involving LOF salvage. 

Implications fo the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap from a hull and machinery claims perspective

On 1 January 2020, the limit for Sulphur in fuel oil used in vessels operating outside designated control areas will be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5% under the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap. This publication sets out the options available to Shipowners in order to comply with the Sulphur Cap.

An Adjuster's Note On Ballast General Average

This article sets out a brief background to ballast general average situations and comments on some of the different types of ballast GA clauses under major international insurance policies.

An Adjuster's Note On The Supreme Court Decision In The “B Atlantic”

The Supreme Court’s judgement relating to seizure as a result of drug smuggling clarifies the relevant cover under war risk policies and reaffirms the proximate cause doctrine.
In the first instance judgement, noteworthy considerations were also given to the allowance of sue and labour charges after giving notice of abandonment for a constructive total loss.