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Key Risk Rating Indicator System (KRRIS©) is Charles Taylor Technical’s proprietary quantitative risk assessment tool.  

It provides a standardised method for rating risks based upon open and easily understood criteria.  It is available to download free of charge. Download KRRIS.

The KRRIS methodology has been used by leading insurance brokers, underwriters and businesses.  Six versions have been developed covering the following sectors:

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • General Property

KRRIS is highly effective for:

Comparing risks:

  • KRRIS provides a standardised method based upon open and easily understood criteria for rating risks.

Risk improvement trending:

  • Insurers and companies use regular KRRIS assessments to compare how a risk has improved or deteriorated.

Return on investment:

  • KRRIS is effective in identifying risk areas and which most benefit from investing in improvements.

Benchmarking risks:

  • KRRIS identifies normal and exceptional risks across a wide range of sectors.

Risk data capture:

  • KRRIS enables businesses to capture and analyse risk data cost effectively without appointing costly external consultants.
  • KRRIS for energy & petrochemical risks is available free of charge from this website.  Download KRRIS.  Other versions are available by emailing  The versions on the website contain the basic KRRIS methodology. Versions used by Charles Taylor Technical in-house are being continuously developed and contain additional features.

Key Contacts

Richard Radevsky
Director – Charles Taylor Technical (London)

T: +44 20 7015 2067
M: +44 7860 482 741

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